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Whether you're looking for current events in Goldfield, newsletters, dates for HOA or POA meetings, our history or newcomer information, you've come to the right place. We think you'll find our site pretty comprehensive. Of course, anytime you'd like, you're also welcome to contact us personally.


Goldfield Ranch sits on the eastern slope of the lower Verde River Basin surrounded by Tonto National Forest. The views here are nothing less than spectacular, and the desert solitude is the single greatest attraction to our area. Outstanding views are our hallmark. Beautiful homes are scattered among the rolling desert hills and natural unadulterated Sonoran desert surrounded by Four Peaks, the Superstitions and the McDowell Mountains. Dirt roads that wind through the nearly 5,000 acres of Goldfield Ranch lead to almost 115 remote horse properties and spacious custom homes far from the Valley's bustle.





Our association was formed to protect and promote the best interests of the residents of the area; to promote and strive for the improvement and betterment of all public facilities and services within the area; to protect and enhance the property value of the homeowners� properties; to promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit and to foster good will and friendship between and among all residents of the area.  We are a voluntary group, formed in 1995, to provide a forum for discussion and development of action plans to improve life on the Ranch.



GRHA has accomplished a lot this year

  • GRHA would like to thank our volunteer GPOA Board Members. We greatly appreciate their commitment to our community!

  • The 6th Annual GRHA Bonfire was a HUGE success with over 150 neighbors in attendance! Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and their talents!

  • Click here to go to our Newsletter� page to find the latest updates in Goldfield Ranch!

  • Thank you to all the neighbors that helped with the 16th annual Goldfield ranch Clean Up Day on 2/22/14!  Let's all keep Goldfield Litter-Free!

  • All residents should have a "GR" sticker to identify your vehicle as a Goldfield vehicle. If you do not have a "GR" sticker contact a GRHA board member.

  • We schedule annual membership meetings and provide our annual Goldfield Ranch Address and Phone Directory and a Resident Map to members in good standing.

  • The history of Goldfield Ranch as seen through newspaper clippings in a scrapbook is available for you to peruse. If interested, contact a Board Member on our contact page.

  • We have Outdoor Community Message Boards on both sides of the Beeline. If you need an announcement posted, contact a GRHA Board member.

  • The GRHA Board of Directors never stop working for the betterment of Goldfield. Please go to our Newsletter� page to see how many hours of volunteer time they contribute to Goldfield Ranch!

We hope you will want to become a member of GRHA.   Please fill in our membership form and send it along with a check for $50 to:  


Goldfield Ranch Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 17406

Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-7406


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Goldfield Ranch Phone Tree
Fire and Security Threat First Call 911
Call one of the listed phone numbers which will activate the OneCallNow notification system.

Al Glenister - 602-803-9241 | Anne Dutton - 602-320-1232 | Janet Heekin - 623-261-5164
Jodi Storms - 914-391-7006 | Debbie White - 480-540-0469 | Gina Waldo - 480-710-3625 


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